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AMG Wood | About Us

Our factory began our operation to manufacture wood products in 2001 Brooklyn, New York. We have present day technology to manufacture high quality products from any wood you choose (oak, pine, maple, poplar, walnut, mahogany & ex.….): Whether you are building a new house or remodeling your current home, our moldings and custom staircase are the perfect way to make a dramatic impression. AMG Wood Company provides wood moldings and stairs solutions with Designs that are approach of High- Tech. Engineering. We believe our product is a piece of art that, like a sculpture, will enhance the architecture and decoration of its surrounding environment. We serve Architects, Contractors, but also individuals who want a cost-effective alternative in a Modern World. We sell products in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Connecticut. Sample inventory is maintained to allow orders to be filled quickly. Some of our most popular products are stoked at the factory and it will be on its way to you within one or two days. We provide random lengths moldings (8-12 l ft).